Technology application

Plastic particles in a certain pressure and temperature conditions, 示意图.jpgafter melting plasticization, make the continuous extrusion from the die head, through the roller cooling and shaping into sheets. The extrusion process from raw material to sheet is three stages of plasticizing, extrusion and shaping. The extruder and some auxiliary devices are the main equipment to complete this process.

The company attaches great importance to the technological research and development and innovation of new environmental-friendly products, and constantly converts the technological achievements into high-quality, stable and cost-effective products, and has become the leader of new environmental protection packaging materials and the most top environmental-friendly and transparent PET film production base in our country.

In the application of product technology: We make the independent innovation, continuous accumulation, reasonable layout, effective use, make full use of various exhibition information exchanges and industry seminars to strengthen the progress and application of the company's technological innovation.




We produce single-layer or multi-layer co-extrusion materials. Multi-layer co-extrusion is a method of using multiple extruders to extrude the same or different kinds of plastics into the composite die head simultaneously.

Multilayer composite materials can achieve better barrier property, as they are conductive, antistatic, beautiful, cost-saving and also have the other functions;

Single-layer materials: PET, PS, PP, PETG and so on.

Multilayer materials include: PETG-APET-PETG、PS-EVOH-PS、PP-EVOH-PP, etc.