The person in charge of our company was invited to attend the first green and low-carbon Recycling packaging conference in 2021.

From 21 to 22, the first Green and Low-carbon Recycling Packaging Conference of 2021 and the first anniversary of the establishment of acEF Green Cycle Inclusive Special Committee were held in Hefei. From ecological environment education center, All-China environment federation. the Chinese association of environmental protection,the green cycle pratt & whitney branch of APEC demonstration center of green supply chain cooperation network in tianjin, Germany international cooperation agency (GIZ) , and other environmental groups of experts and scholars and enterprise representatives gathered together to discuss " double carbon" under the goal of carbon emission reduction and new path of supply chain.


Shenzhen Xing  jin ya Industrial Co., Ltd as an invited guest to attend the first Green and Low-carbon Recycling Packaging Conference in 2021, the theme of the conference is briefly summarized as follows:

1、Focus on the 14th five- year Circular economy plan and dual carbon targets to reduce single-use plastic pollution.

2、Packaging industry should be carbon emission reduction and sustainable development.

3、Plastic recycling, carbon emission reduction accounting low-carbon solutions.

4、Disposable plastic packaging materials  to replace the group standard.


The summit will last two days. In the forum on 22nd, du Shaozhong, vice Chairman of ACEF, Jiang Nanqing, secretary-general of acEF Green Cycle For All, Ding Ying, General manager of Beijing Ehang Carbon Investment and other well- known environmental experts and  scholars successively focused on carbon emission reduction and supply chain. Jointly discuss the emission reduction by reducing disposable plastics,improving packaging design, using alternative materials, and recycling by consumers, etc., and put forward suggestions for enterprises to improve packaging and sustainable development. At the forum, guests also introduced the rise of recycling enterprises and alternative biological materials, such as bamboo, wood, paper and plastic recycling ,to help enterprises achieve green development with lower cost and more benefits.


"We agree to establish the APEC Green Supply Chain Cooperation Network, approve the establishment of the first Demonstration Center in Tianjin, China, and encourage more economies to establish demonstration centers and actively promote relevant work." -- 2014 APEC Leaders′ Declaration.