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Our professional customer service staff provide quality and fast service for customers Quotation within 10 minutes | Finishing pattern design within 24 hours | Arranging production on the machine within 24 hours


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100% quality raw materials production | QS certification, safe, non-toxic and guaranteed | production, fast delivery time | Original imported PET new automatic production equipment | Advanced matching test equipment and testing center, to ensure the first pass rate of products | Have a strong scale, strength and technical strength which can be fully used to solve the problem for you

Xing Jin Ya

About Xing Jin Ya

PET chip professional manufacturer | Standardized factory with the area of 10000 square meters | 20 years of professional manufacturing experience | The PET supplier which has gained the largest number of certification and audit in the industry | Our advantages are increasing day by day as we have become the strong performer of the industry.
Specializing in the production of transparent packaging PET polyester environment friendly materials for more than 20 years.